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Grit rake

Solution for the lubrication of grit rake


Thames Water, London approached DropsA to ask if its possible to lubricate a grit rake ( also known as a settlement tank ). A grit rake is used to remove solids such as sand or grit from water. The removal of solids ensures the water is easier to pump as it will not damage the pumps due to there being no solids in the water. This is essential for downstream processes within a sewage plant.


Important Points of the system

lubrication of grit rake


Most sewage treatment plants are either unmanned or covered by a small team of engineers. This means their time is limited to manually lubricate the 20 to 60 points that can be on a grit rake. The bearings are mainly on either side of the grit rake. DropsA has done several sizes of grit rakes. The main issue is providing good piping which can move with the movement of the rake.

Furthermore its important to size the pump according to the span of the grit rake.


This case application was implemented using


Lubrication system for grit rake
Lubrication system DropsA