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Dewatering press

Solutions dedicated to the lubrication of dewatering presses

Thames Water, London approached DropsA to ask if its possible to lubricate a dewatering press (this is also known as klampress, sludge press or belt press).

A dewatering press is for liquid solid separation.


Important Points of the system

lubrication of dewatering presses

Thames Water were using small gas operated canisters that needed to be changed every 3 months.

The cost of 40 off these was making the process expensive and furthermore they were not convinced that they were being properly greasing. See attached photo.

DropsA demonstrated that the progressive system has monitoring and that all maintenance can be done away from the machine which is in accordance with Health and Safety Regulations.

All these machines must have guards which are shown as red guards in the photo. This meant that all maintenance of the BlueboX could be done from a safe area which was another advantage of the system.


This case application was implemented using


Solutions dedicated to the lubrication DropsA