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Compressor lubrication

HIGH PRESSURE and LOW FLOW for a precise lubrication

Compressor: HIGH PRESSURE and LOW FLOW for a precise lubrication

Our Client is a global company operating in the construction of reciprocating compressors. These compressors have many applications in Oil & Gas industry, both onshore and offshore.

Compressor lubrication system
The points to be lubricated in this kind of systems are located between cylinder and pistons. If these parts are not sufficiently lubricated or over lubricated the whole plant may be subject to a variety of different malfunction.

precise lubrication

The lubrication system is consists of two parts: the main pumping station called "MAIN UNIT" which includes pumps and reservoir and "DISTRIBUTOR UNIT" include all distribution elements and accessories.

On the "MAIN UNIT" are mounted two Line pumps one for work and the other in stand-by (for safety, in case of the main pump is damaged). The 100 liter reservoir completes the main pumping station. On the “DISTRIBUTOR UNIT” from the pumps there is in line a PSV (pressure safety valve), check valves, pressure gauges and the first divider 'MASTER DIVIDER' that feeds the two secondary dividers placed directly on the compressor.

The "DISTRIBUTOR UNIT" are composed by two secondary feeders positioned near the lubricating points supplied from the master dividers positioned on the MAIN UNIT.

Seven balancing valves help the correct distribution of lubricant to all points. The support of these valves is necessary, especially when back pressure to the lubrication points reaches differential pressure at least 70 bars.


Benefits achieved

Lubrification System

- Precise and constant lubrication with some specific conditions which these machines are subject
- Create a lubrication system that would reach high pressures
- A very low amount of oil delivery 
- A system suitable for an explosive environment, categorised as Zone 2 Atex.


This case application was implemented using:


precise lubrication DropsA
Automatic Lubrication