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Blowers oil lubrication systems

DropsA also supplies lubrication systems for blowers which can be found in various industries. Each lubrication unit has to be custom designed for the customer depending on their requirements.


Important Points of the system

oil lubrication systems

The diagram on the right represents a common lubrication arrangement for a blower. Typically the parts that need to be lubricated are the motor bearing and the bearing housing that connects the motor to the fan. These systems can also be subjected to API or ATEX standards.

It is common to use Oil recirculation systems. The oil is pumped through the bearings and then recirculated.

DropsA assists with all necessary design calculations such as tank dimensions, instrumentation required, flow calculations, pressure calculations, cooling and heating requirements and much more.
This enables us to offer turnkey solutions.


This case application was implemented using

  • Lubrication Unit


Blowers lubrication systems DropsA