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DM - Solid base

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DM - Solid base

Dual line automatic lubrication system

Key features:
-Temperature range: 22 °F ÷ 176 °F (- 30 to + 80°C)
- Max pressure (inlet):  5800 psi (400 bar)
- Min. Viscosity: 100 cSt ( 462 SSU)
- Grease Max: 265 ASTM (NLGI 2)
- Inlet connections : 3/8" BSP or 3/8" NPTF
- Outlet connections: 1/4" BSP or 1/4" NPTF
- Outlets: from 2 to 12


The DM – solid base – is built-up from a single ‘MONOBLOCK’ base, on top of which the metering elements can be mounted.

All elements and bases are made with anti-corrosion treatment, BSP or NPTF inlet and outlet tread.

The Metering Valves can be supplied with adjustable or fixed discharge. The Valves with adjustable discharge are fitted with turrets provided with integral adjusting screws together with a metacrylate cover and seal.
A blanking plate to be ordered separately, can be provided on the Base to accommodate future additional points.

The DM – solid base leads to a faster assembling of components on the base. As it has no seals it is also suitable for higher temperatures.

This product is more suitable to any system that does not require particular design and where each outlet from the base requires the same amount of lubricant.





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