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Lubrication system for an underground bagger

DropsA has provided its lubrication expertise for a company operating in the construction machinery sector. DropsA helped install an automatic grease lubrication solution on an underground bagger, a machine utilized in underground mining operations.

Previously, the customer was using a manual lubrication system, which made lubrication difficult and inefficient as there was limited access to the lubrication points on the machine.


Description of the DropsA application

After a careful evaluation of the issues, a progressive grease lubrication system was designed and proposed to lubricate 24 machine points.

The system consists of a Bravo grease pump and progressive dividers.

The following machine points required lubrication:
-Hydraulic cylinder of the support: four lubrication points
- Vertical axis (ladle-motor): two lubrication points
- Hydraulic cylinders for arm lift: four lubrication points
- Arm supports: two lubrication points
- Hydraulic lifting cylinders of ladle (supports): four lubrication points
- Ladle: Five lubrication points
- Cardan shaft bearing (drive): One lubrication point
- Back deck: Two lubrication points

The DropsA automatic grease lubrication solution made it possible to provide the proper amount of lubricant to the points of the underground bagger, automatically ensuring correct and continuous operation.

The automatic lubrication system also reduces manual interventions, therefor, avoiding unnecessary maintenance costs and down time.


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