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Fixed chamber baler lubrication

DropsA has placed its know-how and skills at the disposal of a company operating in the agricultural sector to install a lubrication system on a model of fixed chamber baler, machinery used to harvest and compress hay.

The baler requires a lubrication system for the moving parts of the machinery located inside the haymaking harvesting chamber, namely bearings, bushings, roller supports and gear supports cemented in tempered steel. All these components must operate impeccably in order to favour correct operation of the reinforced rollers that convey the hay into the forming chamber and compact it to create the bale which is then left on the ground.


Description of the DropsA application

After careful assessment of the problems, a progressive system was proposed for grease lubrication made up of the Omega Automatica electric pump and non Progressive (nP) dividers.
The Automatic Omega pump allows the work cycles to be set thanks to the touch screen display, and the nano-Progressive dividers, characterised by a compact and solid design, made it possible to ensure the precise and accurate dosing of lubricant to the necessary points in order to favour the movement and operation of the machine.

Benefits obtained
A progressive system for grease lubrication which allowed the prevention of machine stoppage, a decrease in the risk of component breakdown and the guarantee of greater cleaning. In fact, when the machinery is in operation, the dust from the straw and hay enters the bearings and the parts in motion and, thanks to the grease, they are protected from debris and dirt, providing an advantage in terms of maintenance times and costs.


This application was implemented using


Pompa Omega Automatica