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Chain lubrication system for a round baler

DropsA has used its knowledge and experience for an Indian company operating in the agricultural sector for over a decade, to install a lubrication system in a round baler, a machinery used to harvest and compress hay.

From the year 2019, customer using lubrication system from other manufacturer. But after the field trial, customer has faced lubrication failure to improper lubrication which led to dry chain run (because of some restrictors are not performing due to high vibration of equipment).
The previous chain lubrication system was not able to satisfy the customer requirements, and caused machine stoppage and components damages, negatively affecting machine productivity.


Description of the DropsA application

Due to this this situation and after a careful evaluation of the problems, an oil lubrication system was proposed with the right pump with leakage proof and accurate restrictors.

The system is made up the piston pump, spiral meter units for continuous lubrication, manifolds and brushes.

Lubrication of the chains is guaranteed through the use of these dividers with brushes installed directly on the surface to be oiled in order to allow uniform and constant distribution of oil.

The system is completed by the manifolds associated with spiral dividers ideal for the chain lubrication and high-speed rotating mechanism, where maintaining a constant oil film is very important.

This type of oil lubrication system is capable to provide the proper amount of oil directly on the right points of the chains, and in a correct and effective way.

Benefits achieved
The installation of this type of lubrication system allowed to obtain an economical and leakage proof system, suitable to operate in difficult conditions such as those of agricultural machinery.

The result was a satisfactory with proper chain lubrication, also thanks to a simple installation and maintenance friendly system.


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