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Lubrication systems for sawing machines

MQL and Air-Oil lubrication solutions for sawing machines

02 MARCH 2021

What is the sawing machine?

A machine saw is a piece of equipment that is used for cutting various materials. Generally, round or bar stock metal using a saw blade. These blades can be found in many types of configurations but, are commonly either band or circular.

Band Saws are commonly used to cut materials such as plastic, PVC, wood, and metal. They consist of two flywheels, a work piece table, and the blade itself. Material is cut on the band saw by a toothed blade. The blade either enters the material or the material is pushed into the blade depending on the configuration of the saw. Guides position the blade to ensure no deflection occurs while the material is cut.

The circular machine saw incorporates a toothed circular disc which operates at a high speed. In this application the blade enters the material.

Minimal lubrication (MQL) of band sawing machines

As with most machine tools, band sawing machines operate constantly at high rates, with high stresses on the cutting mechanisms. This in return can lead to either breaking or damaging the cutting mechanisms causing machine stops that are harmful to the productivity of the machine.

How can we prevent this from happening? The solution consists in equipping the machine with a minimal quantity lubrication system (MQL), able to provide a precise amount of lubricant directly at the cutting point in a consistent manner for the entire duration of the cutting operation.

This technology replaces traditional coolant and pure oil flood systems in machining environments with a controlled compressed air stream that carries minimal quantities of cutting oil in an “aerosol” format to the cutting surface.

By doing this the machine saw operates as a high-performance machine, with a longer life cycle of the tool, thanks to the reduction of friction and the elimination of heat generated in the machining area, and reduced cycle times.

In addition, due to the removal of coolant, chips do not require any secondary processing providing important environmental benefits while reducing disposal costs.

Air-Oil lubrication of circular sawing machines

In a circular sawing machine, the cutting operation is carried out by a circular blade that rotates at very high speed. This movement generates friction between the parts which can cause overheating for the process which is harmful.

To reduce the heat generated and preserve the integrity of the components involved it is recommended to install an Air-Oil lubrication system on the circular sawing machine.

This system is capable of both cooling and carrying small quantities of air-oil particles to the cutting point and the gears of the machine, in a controlled and calibrated particle flow distribution.

In the cutting processes of the different types of sawing machines it is therefore essential to guarantee the maximum integrity of the cutting blade when it acts on the surface of material. These two automatic lubrication systems are ideal to achieve this goal.

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