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How to change from a double to a single output in double-line dosing devices

17 February 2020

As seen in a previous article, modular double-line dosing devices consist of a monobloc base and a dosing valve, and have great versatility in system design.

This feature offers the user numerous advantages, such as flexibility in increasing or decreasing modular elements, saving installation time, and reducing the cost of parts due to the interchangeability of valves and bases.

The change from a double to a single output is done when the use of only one output is required, depending on the specific characteristics and needs of the machinery on which the system is installed, with a procedure that is similar for our whole range of double-line dosing devices.


Changing from double to single output

Below we will show how to change the configuration from two outputs to one output, a modification that allows you to block any output, both left and right of the dispenser, and use a single output that will have double capacity.

Following these simple steps, you will be able to have a single output arrangement:

- Block the unused output.
- Remove the element from the base and position it upside down.
- Leave the central large O-Ring and instead remove the two central units inside it, taking care not to ruin them.
- Reposition the element on the base and tighten the screws.  
After this step, it is good to remember that the lubricant will follow the direction of least resistance, and for this reason it is better to keep the two O-Rings to transform the single output configuration back into a double output.

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