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COVID-19 Operational Status


UPDATED 29th March 2021 17:00


All facilities are currently in normal operation with enhanced safety and sanitary protocol that may differ slightly from company to company and many employees control to work partially or fully in remote working.
We would like to advise all our customers and suppliers that before scheduling any visits to any Dropsa facility it is necessary to advise your correspondent before hand and be informed on health protocols such as the wearing of masks.
At this time we cannot allow people exhibiting any signs of COVID-19 to enter our facilities and we will check temperature at your arrival. 

We aim to provide our customer, suppliers and partners updated information on the operational status of our organisation, facilities and special measures in place.  

Due to the evolving situation of the COVID-19 virus, we would like to make you aware of the preventative measures which have been taken in order to be able to continue our services whilst maintaining the best possible conditions for everyone involved.

Your health and the health of our personnel remain our top priority 
There are now a number of countries worldwide that have imposed lockdown procedures for production plants and offices.


The government has imposed regional shutdown of consumer outlets (bars, shops, restaurants).  At this moment Industry and manufacturing plants are unaffected.

All departments are operating at full capacity.

Please note that extra protocols are in place at all our facilities and we continue to favour wherever possible remote working. On-site staff are at a minimum.

We have not excluded customer or supplier visits but please note that you will be required to measure temperature and wear protective mask during visits and meeting rooms must be used at the reduced capacity indicated respectively outside the room.  We unfortunately cannot allow visitors that may arrive and do not have adequate protection or present symptoms. 
Please do not visit if you have been in close contact with someone who has tested positive for COVID19 in the last 14 days.


DropsA USA has implemented a no physical interaction policy for all regional sales members. Additionally, we have divided our inside staff into teams, who work on alternate shifts, which has allowed us to maintain social distancing without compromising services.


Working within national and regional protocols our office and production are at full capacity.
Please do not visit our facility without previous agreement so we can explain sanitary protocols.


Our facility in China is now back in full operations and can service requests in the region.


All other Dropsa sites are operating and implementing measures to reduce the spread of the virus and protect our personnel using remote working.  

Please always call or contact us before visiting any sites as you may not be able to access it.