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Automated Lubrication System- Flow Sensors & Diver Valves

Automated Lubrication is the most widely used method for lubrication of parts in machines. Lubrication forms a crucial part of machine’s incessant working and performance and the credibility of Automatic Lubrication delivers the required timely lubrication on the parts of application in the machine. We already read about the Single Line Parallel Lubrication, Dual Line Lubrication and so on. Lets take a look at some of the other components that are a part of these lubrication equipments.

Flow sensors.

The two most crucial accessories of the Lubrication system are Flow Sensors & Divider Valves

Flow Sensors

Flow Sensors are essentially the lubricant flow sensing devices. These sensors sense or monitor debris, or hindrances in the lubricants; usually caused by surface fatigue failures of lubricants like oil-wetted components. 

These sensors retain the debris, indicate the measure and help analyze a solution for the same. They enable to point out the faulty nature in lubrication at the point of fault instead of delaying or ceasing the entire process of lubrication. Thus, the process continues in spite of flaws. The flow sensors are the tellers of potential trouble or debris that could arise in the lubricant reservoir  which could thereby cause severe trouble to the machine or the parts being lubricated.

The indicated doubts, troubles or debris could be addressed right on time without having to actually cease or stop the whole process and waste the operating time and energy.
The Flow sensors are also responsible to check the pressure and the temperature of the lubricant along with the measure or volume of the lubricant flow. They are excellent equipment for metering oils and other lubricants for proficient performance.

Divider Valves

Flow divider valves are an important accessory of the Lubrication Process. These divider valves are usually used for application of lubricants like oil and grease.
The divider valves are an excellent device that automatically measure the volume of the lubricant & ensure that only a necessary amount of oil or grease is fed to the parts of application on the machine.
It is also an indicator of effectiveness of the lubrication and assures that all the lubrication faults are known.

Divider valves are quite effective in terms that they guarantee performance and ensure very bleak chances of wastage of the lubricant. Its credibility can be judged from the simple fact that a singular divider valve can lube as many as 20 parts of application on a machine. 

Divider Valves & Flow Sensors are just two of the many components of the Lubrication system. To know more about Lubrication system & solutions visit for insightful explanations & information.