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Lubrication at high pressures for the petrochemical industry


Dropsa is pleased to introduce the new "trolley-mounted” pump for pneumatically powered drums.

The new piston pump has been designed to pump highly viscous grease (up to a maximum of NLGI 3) in pipeline installations sealed by means of an "exclusion valve". 
These types of installations must be continuously monitored and protected from threats; therefore, DropsA has designed a system that is capable of improving the quality of lubrication in order to guarantee a better seal for the valve itself.

The pressurised reservoir allows the pump to suck up the lubricant and distribute it at pressures that even reach up to 700 bar.
Thanks to the pumping of grease at high pressures, the seal of ball valves and gate valves for the petrochemical industry that is characterised by large dimensions and the limit of which is essentially dictated by shipbuilding technologies available and operability. 
For this reason, the new central allows for the operative conditions for staff to be improved during the valve lubrication process.

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