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SUMO II - Beyond ordinary performance

SUMO II is the new second-generation family of 'SUMO' pump.

As reliable as ever the SUMO II pump has improved performance, provides greater safety in the workplace and improved reliability of your lubrication systems.

Maintenance activity becomes easier and safer
thus ensuring greater safety in the workplace thanks to the gear reducer not in contact with lubricant in the reservoir.

The new generation of pumping elements permits working at high pressures for long time, making SUMO II ideal for use in challenging applications and big systems.
More adaptable thanks to the upgrade of range of inverters with the solenoid 4/3 closed centres which are in addition to the solenoid, electro-pneumatic and hydraulic valve inverters.

Simple and reliable SUMO II combined with our Dual Line lubricating system is ideal for installations in steel industry, pulp & paper, cement works, steel plant, large cranes and loading equipment.

Our engineers will be able to design customized systems to meet the diverse demands of the most demanding customer.

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