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CE Ex II 2GD C IIC T85 °C IP65
CE Ex II 2GD C IIC T85 °C IP65


Dropsa’s"ATEX Flow metering device" is designed to volumetrically monitor small flow rates on critical applications where continuous feedback of system oil feed is required. The ATEX certification that allows the unit to operate in hazardous area makes it ideal for the Compressor Industry.  
The baseplate and dimension is perfect for installation on the outlet of box-type lubricator technology and provides valuable feedback and monitoring of the box lubricator’s performance.
The flow measuring device is mounted on a base plate that allows it to be removed, maintained, calibration and without the need to disconnect tubing.
The inclusion of a safety bypass valve system means that in the event of a blocked or failed spool in the device oil flow will continue to the compressor or lube point.  
Its operation is based on the progressive system operating concept.The displacement of a calibrated sequence of spools in the device, generated by the passage of the flow of oil, is detected by a proximity sensor giving the volumetric flow pulse to the customer’s control system.

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