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VIP5 Controller

A feature packed compact Advanced Lubrication Controller for small and medium lubrication systems

- 3 Operating Modes: CYCLE, PULSE and FLOW
- Integrated LCD, all operating values set by simple menu parameters
- Multi-cycle capable
- NPN, PNP, Namur and simple switch inputs can be connected.
- Min/Max Level Monitoring
- Prelube function 
-  Coded Remote Alarm System 
-  4..20mA / 0..10V Inputs 




The VIP5 controller has been designed with an extensive set of parameters that offer unrivalled ease and flexibility for controlling and monitoring your automatic lubrication system - from a simple timed system, injector, progressive or dual line system.

Three operating modes have been designed into the VIP5 to offer control possibilities not found elsewhere in single, compact and affordable unit.
No need for many different version of controllers any longer - the VIP5 does it all. 

This "conventional" operating mode allows the lubrication system to remain on standby either with a time based system, an external signal or a combination of both. When using a combined mode you can decide if the timer should initiate a Lubrication cycle or flag an alarm condition because no signal has been detected within the timeout.

This new operating mode allows the external signal to drive both the Standby and lubrication Phases whilst allowing you to connect your Cycle or pressure switch to monitor that your system is operating correctly during all the lubrication phase.
A Suspend Timer function allows the system to suspend the lubrication phase if the driving external signal ceases.
This operating mode is ideal for chain or conveyor lubrication where the quantity of lubricant  is determined by the movement of the conveyor, yet the correct output of lubricant is determined by a cycle or pressure switch connected to the metering devices.

Another new operating mode turns your VIP5 controller into a simple Flow Measuring device. Simply set the flow value and units that each impulse represents and the VIP5 display turns into a flow meter instantly display the flow rate going through your system.
A Minimum and Maximum Flow level can be set to give you a local and remote alarm.





Manuals and 3D IGS Models

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Part numbers - Models found

Availability Part Number Description Price Lot Size Buy
1639140 VIP5 230V AC 50/60 HZ
1639141 VIP5 12/24V DC/AC
1639142 VIP5 110V AC 50/60HZ
1639144 VIP5 PANEL MOUNT 230V AC50/60 HZ
1639145 VIP5- FRONT VERS. 12/24V DC/AC
1639147 VIP5 PANEL MOUNT 110V AC 50/60HZ
1639150 VIP5 230V 1PH 50/60 HZ STEELCABINET
1639151 VIP5 230V 3PH 50/60 HZ STEEL BOX
1639152 Click to view other variants of this part number VIP5 -380V 3PH 50Hz STEEL BOX5
1639152 440V60HZ VIP5 440V 3PH 60HZ BOX ACCIAIO
1639152 460V60HZ VIP5 460V 3PH 60HZ BOX ACCIAIO
1639153 VIP5 500V 3PH 50HZ STEEL BOX
1639155 VIP5 115/230V 50/60 HZ PLASTICBOX

Part numbers - Accessories found