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nP-nPr nano Progressive


Dropsa’s nano-Progressive (nP) and nano-Progressive Replaceable (nPr) dividers are the ideal solution for oil and grease lubrication applications that require small and accurately dispensed quantity of lubricant in a compact solid and reliable footprint.  Thanks to a patented RigidLock novel interlocking mechanism between the elements it has the rigidity of a mono-block divider but the flexibility of a modular segmented unit.

This dividers uses the progressive movement of pistons to allow precise quantities of lubricant to be accurately dispensed to multiple points.

Dropsa’s nano-Progressive  dividers use an innovative rail & lock concept to allow the element to be replaced or re-organized without the need to completely dismantle the assembly. This is an industry first for segmented progressive dividers allowing quick easy modification or replacement of an assembly element without the cost of a separate base porting module.

The lubrication cycle can be controlled by a single sensor including the Dropsa solid state Ultrasensor product.
These metering elements may be used in a variety of system configurations and have different working configurations that make them flexible for use in multiple applications.

The compactness makes them particularly suitable for use when space is a premium and on small machinery. 

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