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PT Wiejelo Ekuipmen Indonesia

AXA Tower, 45th floor
Jl Prof.Dr. Satrio, Kav.18
Kuningan City Jakarta 1294 INDONESIA

Telephone. +62 21 50986299
E-Mail: [email protected] / [email protected]
Website: www.wiejeloindustrial.com


Company is the Indonesian local off spring initiated by Wiejelo BV Netherlands, presence dating back since 1995 in Indonesia, specialized in applications of Heavy Equipment in Mining and Industry, PT Wiejelo E I can rely on a network of distributors around the Indonesian archipelago.

Locally presence headquarter in Jakarta, Subsidiary Balikpapan and offering site support in remote area at several places.

Dedicated knowledge of applications for Heavy Mining Equipment. Not limited to Mobile Equipment only We also serve large installations, Ship loaders, Crushing Plants, Barge Conveyors, Cranes, Heavy Ore Industry. We offer Design, CAD Services, Installation, Maintenance and permanent on-site available support.

Mrs Stella Mogot and Mr. Irfansyah,