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In accordance with Article 13 of Regulation (EU) 2016/679 (GDPR) and the Provision of the Italian DataProtection Authority "Simplified Arrangements to Provide Information and Obtain Consent Regarding Cookies - 8 May 2014 no. 229", Dropsa SpA undertakesa duty to provide a detailed information notice relating to the cookiesinstalled on the website www.dropsa.com (Site).

What are cookies and why do we use them?

The Dropsa site uses cookies to help youpersonalize your online experience. Cookies are small strings of text createdby a server (usually the browser) and stored in a text file on the hard driveof your computer, tablet or the smartphone of the user, in order to provideinformation on their use of the Site, on their behavior and their preferences. Cookiescan be stored in the device permanently and for varying periods (so-called persistent cookies) or disappear whenthe browser is closed or have a limited lifespan (so-called session cookies).Cookies can be installed by the website you arevisiting (so-called first party cookies)or may be installed by other websites (so-called third party cookies). ).
Every time a user returns to the Dropsa site, thebrowser returns these cookies in order to provide you with a personalized,faster and easier browsing experience by not carrying out certain tasks, suchas entering data several times in subsequent browsing.

In what way does Dropsa use cookies?

The Dropsa site does not store sensitive personal identifiableinformation in the cookies we use (such as address, password). Furthermore, wedo not use cookies to send advertising to our users on the basis of navigationdata or for other advertising purposes, either our own or that of thirdparties.

Cookies used by this site

The Owner's Cookies

Browser/session cookies. These are basic cookies for browsing the Siteusing all of its features, such as the maintenance of the session. They arestrictly necessary, because without them it would be impossible to provide theservices requested. These cookies do not collect information to be used forcommercial purposes.

Third Party Cookies

These cookies are used to collect anonymous information on the use of the Siteby users.
The first table lists the first-party and third party cookies on the Site withinformation on their lifespan and how they work. These cookies do not require theprior consent of the User to be installed and used.
The second table shows the third party services used on the Site with relativelinks to the published information, with details about each cookie and possiblemethods to disable them:

Cookie name
More information
PHP Session cookies
1 year
Cookies set following the acceptance of the privacy statement
(currently not in use)
Collected Data
Place of processing and Policy Link
Google Analytics (Google Inc.)
GA uses the data to track users' browsing anonymously.
Cookies and usage Data
Google Maps (Google Inc.)
_utma (Vimeo)
Google Analytics cookies
2 years
_utmb (Vimeo)
Google Analytics cookies
_utmc (Vimeo)
Google Analytics cookies
_utmz (Vimeo)
Google Analytics cookies
6 months
__utmt_player  1 (Vimeo)
player (Vimeo)
vuid (Vimeo)
Vimeo Analytics unique id

How to change cookie settings?

On accessing the home page or any other landing pageof a website, a banner appears. Continuing to browse, going to other sectionsor by selecting any element of the Site, the user automatically consents to theuse of cookies.
You may also object to cookies being recorded on yourhard disk by setting your browser to disable cookies. Follow theinstructions specific to your browser:

Limits on communication and dissemination of personal data

Data collected by using cookies will be managed:

By Dropsa employees and associates appointed as persons in charge of the processing and data processors.
By companies entrusted with the task of carrying out technical and organizational operation on our behalf (for example, web service providers). These companies are our direct partners and are responsible for data processing. The list of such companies is constantly updated and can be requested by contacting us at [email protected]

The data collected using cookies may be sent abroad, but they may under nocircumstances be sold, transferred, or distributed to third parties.

Owner and manager of the data processing

The data owner is Dropsa SpA - Via Benedetto Croce, 1 - 20090 Vimodrone (MI)