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Automatic Omega pump 4.0

Automatic Omega pump 4.0

Technology for remote management of lubrication

From today the industrial lubrication process becomes 4.0, thanks to the Automatic Omega pump equipped with technology for interconnected function management.

Technology for grease lubrication
The multi-output Automatic Omega electric grease pump includes an electronic card that guarantees full autonomy in management of the lubrication process. Compact and versatile, it can be used simultaneously with multi-line and progressive systems.


New Drucs platform for Internet connection
DropsA’s new Drucs platform makes Automatic Omega suitable for the Internet, and allows remote management of lubrication cycles, alarms and controls through an external device (PC or smartphone) thanks to Wi-Fi and Bluetooth connectivity. This facilitates the user in the configuration of the functions and in real-time monitoring of correct pump operation, also with man-machine developed touch screen display. 

A smart device
The Internet extension gives Automatic Omega pump the possibility of communicating the progress of the lubrication phase, processing data and information and sending it to the network in full autonomy: a truly intelligent device that makes the user's life easier and that can exploit the benefits of the Internet of things.

Automation and digitalization
The automation and digitalization process of industrial production that began with Industry 4.0 is constantly evolving, today more than ever. Knowing how to face the changes taking place and exploiting the technological opportunities become key factors in gaining a competitive edge in the present and laying the foundations for the future.

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