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Minimal lubrication or lubro-refrigeration?


Lubro-refrigerant is a fluid that isused to cool the cutting zone, reduce the friction and wear of the forces andenergies in play, remove the swarf from the work area and protect the surfacefrom possible corrosion. 
The concept of lubro-refrigeration has takenshape over the years as a system that affects all the machining process ofindustrial machinery, which goes from the selection to the disposal and thesustainability of the fluid, assuming therefore a central role in the entireproduction process.

This system, however, in addition to performingthese functions also has critical issues, given that it entails the significantuse of lubricant which makes the work environment dirty and afterwards has tobe disposed of, with a resulting negative environmental impact.
Because of this minimum lubricationis expanding more and more in the processes ofmechanical machining, since it is a solution that is compatible with theenvironment, improves productivity and reduces the costs in cutting operations.

The idea at the basis of this change concernsthe quantity and how the lubricant is applied. When theMinimum Lubrication (MQL)technology is used, the lubricant is transported tothe cutting edge in the form of aerosol, in contrast with the conventionalmethods of lubro-refrigeration in the removal process of the swarf, since only aminimum quantity of lubricant is used.
Today's great challenge is to create an MQLsystem for tools that generate and transport a very fine and perfect aerosol.

MQL benefits in industrial machinery

With the necessary modifications andsome arrangements, an MQL system can be installed on most of the existingmachines and in particular on the new machine tools which are developedspecifically for this new standard, therefore increasing the life of thetool. 
The elimination of therefrigerantof water and oil consumption entails a significantreduction of the environmental impact,in addition to providing the benefit of having boththe swarf and the machinedry. Additional advantagesare theelimination of unpleasant odours,as well as the removal of complex and expensive filtration systems andengineering solutions.
Therefore, the minimum lubrication is now areality that with the replacement of the traditional lubro-refrigerant systemcreates healthier conditions for the operators.

Minimum lubrication in which production processes?

This particular lubricationtechnology is increasingly gaining hold in the industrial world, and theapplication sectors where the minimum system can be used best are almost allthose where swarf is produced. 
Minimum lubrication is used for all types ofmachine tools for drilling, milling, boring, turning, tapping, milling ofthreads, rolling and deep drilling, machines for cutting both with circularsaws and with belt saws, and in deformation processes and gear cutting machines. 
These machine tools, from the simplest to the CNones, have the capacity to reduce processing time by up to 80% and consequentlycan increase their performance thanks to the MQL lubrication system.

Solutions for minimum lubrication (MQL – Minimum Quantity Lubrication)

The MiQueL modular system provides acalibrated lubrication with a control of all the functions, and provides thepossibility of individually checking both the flow of air and the flow of oilfor every single element. 
The MKD-Dual system can be easily installed alsoon machines already in operation, and requires at most one day of machineshut-down.
Thanks to its use, the minimum lubricationsystem keeps the work environment clean and comfortable, and it will no longerbe necessary to dispose of the refrigerant, which is eliminated.
The results is a significant reduction inworking time and waste of lubricant, with a favourable impact at theenvironmental level and an optimisation in the management of the entireproduction process.

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