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MQL - System for processing Minimum micro-aerosol quantity

System for processing Minimum micro-aerosol quantity

Key features:
- Min. working diameter LP nozzle: (6 bar) 2 mm (7000 Nl/h) (247 cfh)
- Minimum working diameter HP nozzle: (20 bar) 0.8 mm(3500 Nl/h) (123 cfh)
- Reservoir capacity: 2 litres (0.50 gallons)
- Air supply hose: Ø12mm.(0.47 in)
- Usage tube: Ø12 ÷ 16 mm (0.47 ÷ 0.6 in.)
- Number of aerosol outlets: 1~3

 (2 vortex) 
- Air flow operating range: 3500 ÷ 6500Nl/h (124 ÷ 230 cfh)
- Normal pressure vortex: 6 bar (87 PSI)
- High pressure vortex: 20 bar (290 PSI)
- Oil flow: up to 220 ml/h (0.008 cfh)
- Lubricant:  Recommended MaXtreme OIL - vegetable based aerosol oil available in 3 container sizes) 


MaXtreme is the minimum quantity lubrication (MQL) system designed for the dry lubrication both inside and outside the tools, with a completely new approach to the single or double generator aerosol generation technology patented by DropsA.

MaXtreme is the ready-for-use solution for the most demanding and high performance near-dry processing that requires minimum external or internal lubrication or lubrication via utensil.

High pressure utensils will no longer be needed straight away and neither will water collection trays. Consequently, there will be no further need to dispose of the lubricant-coolant liquid. The reduction of costs is therefore immediate and clear from the first work cycle.

Thanks to a completely new approach to the aerosol generation technology, MaXtreme is revolutionising the installations of new and existing machines.

- Reduces your cycle time
- Longer utensil life:
- the mixture of aerosol prevents the overheating of the utensil.
- Better finishing of the pieces: thanks to a more complete and adequate lubrication through the utensil.
- Optimisation of investments: there is no need to have high or low pressure trays and no filtering systems are required.


Near dry high performance machining applications. 
MaXtreme - MQL lubrication system - is easy to install, even on machines that are already in operation. It requires a maximum of one day of machine stoppage.





Manuals and 3D Models

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    Part numbers - Models found

    Availability Part Number Description Price Lot Size Buy
    3135263 MAXTREME-1 (OEM Only)
    3135264 MAXTREME Two Vortex Hybrid MQL

    Part numbers - Accessories found

    Availability Part Number Description Price Lot Size Buy
    0295138 Maxtreme Conversion Kit to 20 BAR
    3089043 AIR CHECK VALVE-G/4" 40 B
    3155187 E-Valve For MAXTREME
    3155312 SAFETY VALVE 22 BAR
    3226692 Maxtreme Oil 22 liter (container)
    3226693 Maxtreme Oil 206 liter (Barrel)
    3226694 Maxtreme Oil 980 liter (Tote)

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